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II.技術描述 Technical Description
A.主機 Machine:
FLY-3D microscope with the method of continuous variable times, offers a variety of amplification ratio, convenient operators for a variety of sample observations, convenient operation and simple.

Host comes with adjustable LED light source, according to different samples, provide all kinds of lighting brightness, convenient detection

結構特點 Design Characteristic
Optical microscope subject changing times: 0.65-4.5x
Display video magnification: 50x-300x
Flexible interface, convenient replacement
LED ring lamp lighting, 3 d imaging is clear, rotation angles observation
Large range of depth of field and stereoscopic viewing the details of the object in all directions, high resolution
Efficient image management, print function

FLY-3D三維顯微鏡性能指標 Fly-3d Microscope  Performance Specifications
環境條件要求 Environment Specifications
測量機室溫度要求 Room required specifications
-測量機室的溫度Average room temperature: 18 - 22℃
-機器周圍環境的大溫度梯度Maximum thermal gradients: 1℃/小時,2℃/天,1℃/米,

供電系統 Electrical requirements
-  電壓 (Voltage)   : 220 Vac  10%
-  頻率 (Frequency) : 50 Hz
-  電流 (Current)   : 10 A

允許的大的地面振動 Allowed Maximum Floor Vibration
-  頻率范圍 (Frequency Range): 0  19 Hz 1975 Hz> 75 Hz
-  振幅 (Maximum Amplitude)  : 0.0011 mm 0.00110.002 mm 0.002 mm


 FLY-3D microscope  Control System            





FLY-3d microscope with excellent optical system, with high resolution color CCD and form a complete set of color TV after use, in the traditional two-dimensional continuous variable x monocular microscope observation based on increasing the function of rotating three-dimensional observation, visual sense brings many-sided, more realistic 3 d, the product has a long working distance, wide field of vision, the characteristics of high resolution imaging quality. The whole machine integrating amplifier imaging, display, LED lighting, smart design, save a space, complete accessories, simple to use. Widely used in electronic industry and small precision parts inspection, assembling, repair, especially for large surface microstructure.  


Real real time control, control observation location at any time 
-  圖像傳輸采用高速USB通訊,提高抗干擾能力
Image transmission with high speed USB communication,improve the anti-interference ability 
-  手動調節,速度加速度前饋及反饋控制
Manual regulation, speed, acceleration feed-forward and feedback control  
-  圖形軌跡顯示調試軟件  
Setup software with Graphic route
-  多重保護I/O控制器
I/O controller with more protection   
Multifunction keyboard remote control box   

With the portable terminal unit, the operator for manually control of the motorized measuring machines can use it. It provides operations for emergency control, to change the axes speed and set/reset some status functions.

B. DELL計算機系統 Computer System
-  奔騰Ⅳ 3.0 GHz處理器512MB內存,80GB硬盤  
Pentium Ⅳ3.0GHz, 512MB Ram,80GB Hard Disk
-  32MB 顯存52倍速光驅                     
32MB Graphic Card, CD-Rom 52 x Speed
-  鍵盤與鼠標                             
 Board & Mouse
- 19 液晶彩色顯示器17                  
  Color Monitor
- 預裝WindowsXP操作系統
C. 軟件系統 Software System for WINDOWS™ 軟件包

ScopePhoto 是圖像分析軟件的新版本,界面友好、功能強大、操作便捷,具備良好的兼容性,除提供捕捉、測量、校準等基本功能以外,還可以對所采集的圖片進行浮雕、反色、鏡像等多種圖像處理及打印圖文報告文檔,并可以對圖像進行切割導出計數結果,廣泛應用于生物學、材料學、工業檢測、刑事偵查、醫學顯微圖像等領域。

ScopePhoto is the latest version of the image analysis software, friendly interface, powerful function, convenient operation, good compatibility, in addition to providing capture, measurement and calibration, and other basic functions, can the pictures collected in the survey were embossed, the color, mirror and so on the many kinds of image processing and printing graphic report document, and cutting export count as a result, the image can be widely used in biology, materials science, industrial detection, criminal investigation, medical microscopic image, etc.

The performance of the advanced ScopePhoto provides the following:
-圖像采集 image acquisition:
But for the resolution of the image size, collection and storage format, picture properties, color, brightness, contrast, set parameters, such as exposure, white balance, and can take photos, videos, timed photos, video operations.
-圖像測量 image measurement: 
Can for the perimeter, Angle, area, circumference, diameter and ellipse parameters such as length to diameter measurement, for example through short straight line, rectangle, irregular graphics, elliptic (round), three focal point circle tools such as measurement, and the parameters can be derived by EXCEL format.

-圖像處理 image processing: 
Can be real-time dynamically on the brightness/contrast, chroma/saturation, red/green/blue color adjustment, can be carried out on the image of the color, embossing, sharpening, smooth, gray threshold, removing noise, rotate, flip, mirror image processing functions.

-標注繪圖 label drawing: 
Convenient and quick text annotations, simple arrow, and annotations for a variety of geometric shapes.
-圖文報告 graphic reports:
Help you to easily create by combining experiment report, but for a literal interpretation of the specimen images in detail, and print.
D. 多視角模組觀察系統 Probe System

FLY - 3 d microscope with original stereoscopic 3 d scene observation and deep hole, switch time resolution is constant, the center position is consistent, provide rotate 360 degrees to observe.
• 分度軸A(俯仰) Indexable axis A (Roll) : 45°                     
• 分度軸B(旋轉) Indexable axis B (Pitch) : 360
• 重量(Weight)       : 645 g



E.用戶現場的顯微鏡安裝 Installation at Customer Site
System installation includes setting up and metrology test and will be carried out by the service engineer of CERATIVE. During the installation, support for connections, internal transportation and unpacking must be provided.  
Concerned environment and facilities for the CMM installation must meet the requirement of the specifications before the installation.
需方必須提供相應的供電設施。Fork lift truck or suitable lifting equipment must be provided by the buyer.
F.應用培訓 Application  Training
在用戶現場進行為期1個工作日的測量機應用操作培訓。Training on the 3D Microscope operation & application 5 working days at the user’s site. 
The training is designed to provide basic training on the microscope system operator. Typically required to attend this course with the basic knowledge, computer application knowledge and basic English.



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